Tuition +

Toddler School Day & Primary School Day


*Toddler & Primary Full Week ~ Monday to Friday
School day, 9am - 3pm = $1,320
Add morning care, 7am - 9am = add $125
Add after school care, 3pm - 6pm = add $175
Add both morning and after school care, 7am - 6pm = $275


Extended Care Drop-in
Morning Care Drop-in (available upon request if ratios permit) = $10 per day
Afternoon Care Drop-in (available upon request if ratios permit) = $15 per day


*Tuition rates are listed as monthly. Tuition is billed monthly over 10 months, September to June. In addition to monthly rate, a $500 nonrefundable deposit and a $125 annual materials fee due upon enrollment for all students.


Please note that the rates listed are an estimate and may increase or decrease slightly before the official enrollment period begins.

Admissions +

Learn about the admissions process here.

Fees and Deposits +

Application Fee - A non-refundable $65 application fee is payable at the end of the application form and is the final step in submitting the application.

Materials Fee - $125 payable at time of enrollment.

Tuition Deposit - A $500 deposit is the final step in the admissions process and secures your child's seat for the school year. This deposit goes toward the total cost of tuition for the year and is in addition to the monthly payments listed in the tuition section.

*all fees and deposits are nonrefundable

Payment Options +

Monthly - Monthly payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card payment through the check-in and billing website. Invoices will be emailed and payments can be made online through a link in the invoice or parents can log in to the online payment system and pay directly there. Payments are due on the 15th of the month for the following month's tuition. There is a $1.95 fee per bank account (ACH) transaction for the online payment system. An additional 2.95% is charged by the payment processor if you choose a credit or debit card method of payment.

Annual Payment - A 5% discount is available to parents who pay 100% of the annual tuition by August 15th.

Tuition Assistance & CCIS Subsidy +

CCIS Subsidy - We do accept CCIS. Parents will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition that CCIS does not cover. Tuition is due by the 15th of the month for the following month.

Tuition Assistance - CCIS covers roughly half of the tuition costs associated with attending Fishtown Montessori School. It will be one of the goals of the Home & School Association to raise enough funds to make whole an annual tuition so as to enable more children who receive government subsidies to attend Fishtown Montessori School.