Our Curriculum

Foreign Language & Culture

  • What is life like in other parts of our world?
  • What are some similarities between cultures around the world?
  • Can I communicate with people who speak another language?

Children will be exposed to foreign languages and cultures through art, music, books, and playful use of common phrases. We may read a Spanish version of a familiar book we know and love or sing a familiar song. Greetings, phrases and common words are used over time and subtly incorporated into our classroom, and into the children's vocabulary.

The Curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School

Traditional Montessori Curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, math, and culture (history, science, geography, art, and cultural studies). The curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School addresses all of the main areas of a Montessori classroom and takes it a step further by adding additional child-centered and child-led curricula intended to address needs specific to the 21st century.