Our Curriculum

History, Geography and Community

  • Who are the people in our neighborhood?
  • What important people lived here before?
  • What is the earth like in other parts of our world?

Children learn about significant people who have come before us and the contributions they have made to the world. Time is introduced through calendars, clocks, and timelines. Puzzle maps and landforms become a challenging way to discover geography. Through this curricular area, children develop a sense of time and place and become aware of and interested in the wider world beyond our community.

The Curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School

Traditional Montessori Curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, math, and culture (history, science, geography, art, and cultural studies). The curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School addresses all of the main areas of a Montessori classroom and takes it a step further by adding additional child-centered and child-led curricula intended to address needs specific to the 21st century.