Our Curriculum

Language and Literacy

  • What are the building blocks of language?
  • How are words formed?
  • How can we communicate with one another through language?

At Fishtown Montessori, children are exposed to the foundations of reading, writing, speaking, and listening and are given opportunities to explore these essential skills. These experiences may look like a child tracing sandpaper letters while speaking the sound that letter makes, getting captivated by the classroom library, joyfully matching figurines whose names rhyme or have the same beginning or ending sounds. It can look like a young learner writing a caption to a drawing of their family or reading a book to their teacher or classmate. While there is a specific area of the classroom dedicated to language, rich literacy experiences can also be observed taking place in science, math, geography, foreign language, etc.

The Curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School

Traditional Montessori Curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, math, and culture (history, science, geography, art, and cultural studies). The curriculum at Fishtown Montessori School addresses all of the main areas of a Montessori classroom and takes it a step further by adding additional child-centered and child-led curricula intended to address needs specific to the 21st century.