[siteorigin_widget class=”Expander_Content”]Your child must be at least 2 years of age before the start of the new school year, September 1st. If your child's 2nd birthday falls after September 1st they will be considered for the following school year.\n


You are welcome to apply before your child is old enough to attend our school.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Will siblings get a preference for enrollment?","body":"

Yes, we honor sibling preference. Once your child's sibling is old enough and there is a seat open for their demographic, he or she will get preferred placement in that open seat. If your children are twins or multiples and you wish to apply for them all at once, you can do so in one shot on the application form (and pay only one application fee).\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"When are tours available?","body":"

Tours are available during the fall. Tours will first be given to those who are in the final stages of the enrollment process. If there are still spaces open, tours will then be given to families who have applied to the school and are hoping to enroll. Finally, families who are considering applying may have access to open houses or tours over the summer if there are still seats available. If not, we will hold open-houses for prospective families who may want to apply for the 2020-2019 school year beginning in October.","body_selected_editor":"html"},{"title":"How can I have my child added to the waiting list?","body":"

All you need to do to have your child placed onto the waiting list is to fill out the online application (or mail in a physical copy). The sooner you apply, the higher on the waiting list your child will be placed.\n","body_selected_editor":"tmce"},{"title":"Can we apply if our child isn't old enough this year?","body":"

Yes, and you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. You are invited to fill out an application even if your child isn't old enough to attend this September. If you apply now, once they grow old enough to attend, your place in line will be saved and you will be in front of everyone else who has applied after you. This is especially important moving forward because we anticipate limited seats being available next year.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Do we have to apply every year if we are not accepted this year?","body":"

No, you will never need to reapply, your application will remain on file and your child will be in line according to the date and time you applied. If you are first in line, we will contact you as soon as a space opens up.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Do you require students to be immunized?","body":"

We follow Pennsylvania state regulations in regards to immunizations. All families are required to submit proof of immunization signed by their child's doctor as a part of the enrollment paperwork. Children need not be immunized if a physician provides a written statement that immunization may be detrimental to the health of the child or if the parent or guardian objects in writing to the immunization on religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"What can I do to ensure that my child is chosen to enroll?","body":"

The only thing you can do is increase your chances of being higher up on the list is to submit an application as soon as the form comes online or as soon as you come to decide that Fishtown Montessori School might be the right choice for your family. Forms submitted by snail mail will be placed in line at 5pm on the date of the postmark on the envelope, so it is ideal to apply online if possible.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"How are children chosen to begin the enrollment process?","body":"

Admissions decisions are made to create a balanced, multi-age classroom. Decisions are not solely made on a first-come, first-served basis. By submitting an application you are securing your place in line with other children of your child's age and gender. When a seat for your child's age and gender opens up, you will be contacted to begin the enrollment process.\n","body_selected_editor":"tmce"},{"title":"Are you full enrolled for the 2019 - 2020 school year?","body":"

Yes! We are fully enrolled for the 2019 - 2020 school year however you can still apply for 2020 - 2021 . If a seat is to open up we will offer it to a family on our waiting list. The sooner you fill out an application the more likely you are to obtain a seat.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"}],"_sow_form_id":"5928c67e55463","_sow_form_timestamp":"1568898788894","so_sidebar_emulator_id":"expander-content-3910000","option_name":"widget_expander-content"},"args":{"before_widget":"

[siteorigin_widget class=”Expander_Content”]Absolutely! We understand that play is an essential part of child development so we commit to providing free time for kids to play on a daily basis. Children go outside to play and work daily. We have a play yard with a garden and our students take daily trips to a nearby playground. In the afternoons, non-napping children take walking trips to community playspaces.\u00a0\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Is there a lunch program onsite?","body":"

No, we do not offer a lunch program. Children will bring their lunch in a lunch box each day. We encourage the use of reusable containers over disposable. Classrooms enjoy a sit-down lunch with their teachers.\u00a0\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Will my child receive a snack at school?","body":"

We will provide a snack during the morning Montessori work block which your child will serve him or herself, enjoy at the snack table, and clean up once they are finished. Snacks will include fresh fruits and vegetables. If the fruit or vegetable are on the dirty dozen list, they will be organic 100% of the time. If they are not on the dirty dozen list they will be organic when convenient (we will purchase yellow bananas whether organic or not). We will make the following choices when serving snacks: whole grain, no added sugar, no trans fats (partially or fully hydrogenated oils), no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives. When given an option, we will choose locally produced and\/or organic snacks, if possible. We care about the quality of the food we feed our children.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"Is Fishtown Montessori School peanut-free?","body":"

Yes, we do not allow peanuts or tree nuts. We request that all adults, children, and staff not bring foods into the school that contain peanut or tree nut products.\u00a0\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"What will the classroom schedule be like?","body":"

Here's a link to the children's schedules in the toddler and primary classrooms.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"How will you handle discipline issues?","body":"

When children are free to move about the classroom as they please and choose work that interests them, there are surprisingly few \u201cdiscipline\u201d issues. When problems do pop up, we see them not as behavior issues, but as unmet needs that the child may not have the communication skills to verbalize yet. We focus on first identifying and then helping your child meet those needs. Children are taught interpersonal skills through the peace education curriculum, part of the Montessori philosophy.\n


Our general philosophy on discipline is to lead children to understand their feelings, and the feelings of others, and to cultivate within them an internal desire to behave with grace and courtesy.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"},{"title":"I still have questions! Where do I obtain more info?","body":"

Our parent handbook is filled with more specific information outlining the procedures and routines of the school day and will be distributed as part of the enrollment process. Any questions regarding the contents of the handbook can be asked during your private tour or via email at info@www.fishtownmontessori.com.\n","body_selected_editor":"tinymce"}],"_sow_form_id":"5928c9bf0dead","_sow_form_timestamp":"1544717257547","id":"expander-content-3910001","option_name":"widget_expander-content","so_sidebar_emulator_id":"expander-content-3910001"},"args":{"before_widget":"