The ``Kindergarten`` Year

Age Range: Five years old on or before September 1st.

During the first two years in our primary Montessori classroom children learn enough concentration and coordination to become independent in their actions and thoughts. In their third year (referred to as Kindergarten in traditional settings), children apply these skills and take their learning to a level of mastery previously not attained. The five year old student is empowered by a sense of leadership and responsibility and they help guide the younger children in their learning both actively and through modeling. Kindergarten-aged students enjoy a second work period in the afternoon where they get individualized attention from their highly trained teachers in order to maximize the potential for growth and learning.

While we are not licensed by the Department of Education, a child’s attendance in a school program in Pennsylvania is not compulsory until they are six on September 1st of that school year. Therefore, parents can choose to delay entry into their elementary school and opt to keep their child in our rich learning environment during the year when they are five years old on September 1st. Children will leave our program and move on to first grade empowered with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for a lifetime of learning. Email for more information.

Children who spend all three years in their primary classroom develop a sense of wonder, confidence and skill. They are equipped with the tools of learning an attitude that they can tackle anything because they have been given the opportunity to do so during their whole Montessori experience. Kindergarten-aged students take pride in all they do, displaying a love of learning, so much confidence, and a drive for helping others and doing good in the world. These “soft skills” become a foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives.